Game Events

New game mechanics: Warrior Evolution

Current Game Events
Start Duration Type Name
2013-08-17 7d Eternal Dungeon Beowulf
2013-07-03 Quiz Wednesday Quiz
2013-05-25 7d Campaign Path of the Elven Warrior
2013-05-13 7,5d Eternal Dungeon Crystal Cross
2013-05-13 7d Quiz Riddle Me This
2013-05-08 7d Login (2013-05-08)
2013-05-05 8d Guild War Arcane Havoc

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Lord of the Dragons

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You can help by adding information from the Lord of the Dragons game. There is a lot of helpful data already available, but as there are new events every week, this wiki is far from being complete.

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About the Game

Lord of the Dragons is a Free to Play iOS and Android game developed by KLab Global Pte. Ltd.

It is a social RPG card game. The player's main activities are:

  • Complete a simple quest line, which provides warriors and standard items
  • Chat and fight together with the members of your guild (each player is a member of her own guild from the start)

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