Drazeros RedefinedEdit

History has always been driven by cycles of war.

The era of high magic came to an end at the hands of Humanity, who divided civilization with its ruthless lust for power and blood.  When at least none could rise to the throne, the races dispersed.

The Humans to the plains, the Elves to the forest, the Dwarves to the caverns, they set apart.  It was then that they encountered the FACTIONS outside of civilization...

The MentalisEdit

Logic, Reasoning, Emotion, Greed, Technology, Commerce, Civilization, War... such are the traits that unite The Mentalis.

The Humans - Valor of the Humans

They claim order and civilization, but their thirst for war is insatiable.

The Elves - Wisdom of the Elves

Their superior intelligence and magic can destroy entire armies.

The Dwarves - Might of the Dwarves

Their unrivaled metallurgy arms them with the most deadly weaponry.

The FeralisEdit

Wild or Tribal, but at harmony with the land. Nature empowers them with strength, size and other mysterious skills.  They are The Feralis.


The Beasts - Rage of the Beasts

Feral and violent, they do not fear, and will even stand up to the gods.

The Giants - Thunder of the Giants

They mercilessly feast on other beings to fill their endless appetite.

The Magikin - Enigma of the Magikin

In harmony with nature itself, they control mysterious magical powers.

The ImmortalisEdit

In the heavens and underground, they control immense magic and are impervious to death by disease and age.  All other Races fear or rever the power of The Immortalis.

The Divine - Glory of the Divine

Watching from the heavens, they can create and destroy worlds on a whim.

The Undead - Eternity of the Undead

Impervious to injury, their pitiless onslaught cannot be stopped.

The Demons - Wrath of the Demons

Soulles merchants of darkness, they kill and torture for pleasure.

New Warrior Races!Edit

--Developer's Note-- 2013-07-23

Thank you for playing Lord of the Dragons.

Only July 25 (Thu), we will be reducing the number of Warrior Races from 12 to 10 to make the world of Drazeros easier to understand.

Here are the names of the Races before the changes:

  • Human
  • Dark Human
  • Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Fairy Folk
  • Mutant
  • Animal
  • Beast
  • Immortal
  • Demon
  • Mystic
  • Dragon

Here are the new Races:

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Divine
  • Undead
  • Demon
  • Beast
  • Giant
  • Magikin
  • Dragon

In accordance with these changes, Transformation Poton effects will be changed as follows:

  • Pyramid's Bounty: Raises Divine Warriors's Atk & Def 5%
  • Milky Way: Raises Divine Warriors' Atk 5%
  • Nirvana Drop: Raises Divive Warriors' Atk 5% & Def 5%
  • Devilish Dwarf: Raises Dwarf Warriors' Def +10%
  • Haunted Ogre: Raise Giant Warriors' Atk +10% & Def 5%

Check in-game tomorrow for more information!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We look forward to your continued support for Lord of the Dragons.