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The first continuous 8-day Sorceress' War Fire vs. Lightning!

Fight with the Sorceresses to the end!  The sorceresses wage war that will last eight days! Prove that your guild is the most powerful of all to get each of their elemental powers.  Top guilds standing at the end get the spoils of war!

Total Campaign Period: (2013-05-05 through 2013-05-12)


Jackalyn and Jesselyn, sister sorceresses, have dedicated their lives to mastering the flame.  In the beginning, they used their powers for good, but as their magical powers grew, the sheer volume of magic they used began to corrupt their minds.

The deranged sisters began to rampage so destructive, a council fo kings of Drazeros convened to form a plan to stop them.

The council has decided to hire the sister's genius disciple Marion, the lighting sorceress. 

Now, the strongest sorceresses alive are about to clash, and Drazeros itself could be torn apart in the tumult!


I have stashed magically imbued Arcance Apples for heroes looking for a boost in battle! - Marion the Stormbringer

The Sorceresses' apples drop in battle.  Kill to receive their powers

Arcane apple colors
Arcane Apple
- Warriors gain 10 exp.

Collect 10 apples and get great rewards!  Collect 10 or 100 of each apple for great Warriors!

# Apples Reward
10 Any apple Gold Box Key, Experience Book (+50)
100  Blue Gold Box Key x5, Elixir x15, Experience (+50)
100 Green Gold Box Key x5, Stamina Potion (+5) x30, Experience (+50)
100 Orange Gold Box Key x5, Energy Potion (100%) x30, Experience (+50)
100 Red Gold Box Key x5, Health Potion (+5) x30, Experience (+50)
10 Each Jackalyn
100 Each Jackalyn of the Caldera

Enlording Warrior

Warrior Star Obtained by Atk Def
Lernaean Hydra 8 Win every battle in the Guild War 9,432 6,827

Deadly TimesEdit

I must stop the sorceresses before its too late! Help me in my quest and you will be generously rewarded! - The Antimage

Campaign Period 2013-05-10

Kills Rewards
10 Gold Box Key x1, Experience Book (+50)
100 Warder Heater - [Def +2500, Dur. Million] , Experience Book (+100)
500 Static Discharge - Transformation Potion

Kill more for rewards

Flaming DawnEdit

I will come out of seclusion to stop the flame sister's rampage - Cortina the Glacier

Flaming Dawn Campaign Period: (2013-05-05 through 2013-05-08)


We will purify the land in blessed flame and reshape Drazeros in our image! - Jesselyn

7-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Cortina the Glacier Individual rank 1-50 in Flaming Dawn 7,785 3,318
Frigid Cortina Individual rank 51-100 in Flaming Dawn 7,510 3,349
Cortina Individual rank 101-150 in Flaming Dawn 7,402 3,314
The Antimage Guild rank 1-5 in Flaming Dawn 4,538 6,581
The Neutralizer Guild rank 6-15 in Flaming Dawn 4,489 6,476
The Dampener Guild rank 16-30 in Flaming Daw 4,446 6,356

6-Star Warrior

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Andesite Spider Individual rank 1-3000 in Flaming Dawn 5,611 3,791
Magma Sentry Guild rank 1-150 in Flaming Dawn 2,970 6,461

Lightning FallsEdit

Lightning Falls Campaign: 2013-05-09 through 2013-05-12


It's time we exterminate these vermin of the planet.  Let's burn them to dust! - Marion the Stormbringer

7-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Marion the Stormbringer Individual rank 1-50 in Lightning Falls 3,392 7,780
Electrified Marion Individual rank 51-100 in Lightning Falls 3,268 7,647
Marion Individual rank 101-150 in Lightning Falls 3,222 7,509
Fulgora Dragon Guild rank 1-5 in Lightning Falls 7,760 3,393
Conductor Dragon Guild rank 6-10 in Lightning Falls 7,637 3,390
Bolt Dragon Guild rank 11-15 in Lightning Falls 7,519 3,385

6-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Charged Qilin Individual rank 1-3000 in Lightning Falls 3,384 6,061
Qilin Individual rank 1001- 4000 3,280 5,933
Cinder Jesselyn Guild rank 1-40 in Lightning Falls 2,886 6,561
Jesselyn Guild rank 41-150 2,883 6,432

Transformation PotionsEdit

Potion Jackcalyn

Cinder Cider

Rank in the Top 10 in the Arcane Havoc Guild War.

  • Transform into Jackalyn
  • Recover Stamina 10% faster
  • Recover Health 15% faster
  • Fairies return 10% faster

Potion Cortina

Glacial Shot

Win 28 battles during the Arcane Havoc Guild War.

  • Transform into Cortina
  • Recover Stamina 10% faster
  • Gain 10% more coins
  • Earn 5% more Experience

Potion Marion

Static Discharge

Make 500 kills in the Arcane Havoc Campaign: Deadly Times (2013-05-10)

  • Transform into Marion the Stormbringer
  • Recover Energy 10% faster
  • Gain 10% more Experience

Additional InformationEdit

  • The rewards will be distributed to applicable Players upon the end of the Arcane Havoc Guild War.
  • The Lernaean Hydra will only be distributed to players who win ALL battles of the Arcane Havoc Guild war.
  • All rewards will be distributed within 3 business days once the event has finished.

Deadly Times (2013-05-10)Edit

Arcane Havoc-Deadly Times